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Add full scanning experience to your app!

This scanner SDK provides all necessary tools to integrate a fully functional scanner into your applications. We offer carefully developed components to expand your app as well as customer support and further additions to the SDK functionality. The SDK is the core technology behind our iScanner app, which is being used by millions of people around the world.

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Main Features

Automatic Border Detection

Borders of the document will be recognized automatically

Scanning Cues

Provide scanning tips for the user and visualize document bordersy

Perspective Correction

Use SDK to correct image perspective automatically

Page Cropping

Allows the user to fine-tune page borders easily

Image Editor

Ability to apply color, greyscale or black & white filters to scanned documents

Save as PDF

Users can convert scanned documents into multi-page PDF files

Data Security

SDK provides scanning capabilities directly on the device without any interactions with the server

Experience Sharing

Build your apps faster using ready-made components crafted by our team of experts